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A Master of Fortune (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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Nobody who has followed the gallant sailor–diminutive, but oh, my!–in his previous adventures around the earth, is going to miss this red-hot volume of marvelous exploits.
garies of the great river's course, and punctuated his discourse with draughts of Rabeira's wine, and comments on the tangled mass of black humanity under the forecastle-head awning. "There's something wrong with those passenger boys," he kept on repeating. And another time: "Guess those niggers yonder are half mad with funk about something." But Rabeira was always quick to reassure him. "Now dey lib for Congo, dey not like the idea of soldier-palaver. Dere was nothing more the matter with them but leetle sickness." "Oh! it's recruits for the State Army you're bringing, is it?" asked Kettle. "If you please," said Rabeira cheerfully. "Slaves is what you English would call dem. Laborers is what dey call demselves." Nilssen looked anxiously at his new assistant. Would he have any foolish English sentiment against slavery, and make a fuss? Nilssen, being a man of peace, sincerely hoped not. But as it was, Captain Kettle preserved a grim silence. He had met the low-caste African

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