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Across Asia on a Bicycle (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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Beginning in June, 1890, two young American students made a bicycle journey around the world–so far as they could on land–and were back in New York, whence they had sailed for Liverpool to begin their wheeling in just under three years. They regard their journey through Western China and the Desert of Gobi as the most interesting and most dangerous parts of their travels.
st"). When a bad piece of road or a steep ascent forced us to dismount he would bring his horse to a walk, roll a cigarette, and draw invidious comparisons between our steeds. His tone, however, changed when we reached a decline or long stretch of reasonably good road. Then he would cut across country to head us off, or shout after us at the top of his voice, "Yavash-yavash" ("Slowly, slowly"). On the whole we found them good-natured and companionable fellows, notwithstanding their interest in baksheesh which we were compelled at last, in self-defense, to fix at one piaster an hour. We frequently shared with them our frugal, and even scanty meals; and in turn they assisted us in our purchases and arrangements for lodgings, for their word, we found, was with the common people an almost unwritten law. Then, too, they were of great assistance in crossing streams where the depth would have necessitated the stripping of garments; although their fiery little steeds sometimes objected to having an extra rid

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