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Adventures Among the Red Indians (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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These pages describe the adventures of men whom duty or inclination has brought into contact with the Indians of the entire American continent; and, since every day sees the red race diminishing, or abandoning the customs and mode of life once characteristic of it, such adventures must necessarily relate mainly to a bygone generation.
of disorder--The miners' outpost--An awful sight--Quelling the mob--Struggle of the Indians to save their wigwams from the rioters--Disarming the diggers--The Chippewyan reinforcement--The lieutenant in an awkward dilemma--The palaver--An anxious night 264 CHAPTER XXII THE CHIPPEWYANS OF THE COLUMBIAN MOUNTAINS John Keast Lord--Across the Columbian Coast range--Disadvantage of an escort--Lord's best weapon of defence--"Held up" by Indians--Between danger and safety--The assailants become guides--Suspicions on both sides--A night at the Indian camp--The Canadian's discovery--Lord on his mettle--The escape--Indian notion of keeping an oath--Signalling--The gorge--The ambush--The truth 277 CHAPTER XXIII TWO DAYS IN A MOHAWK VILLAGE Johann Georg Kohl--The Quebec Mohawks--The Indian village--Some of the villagers--Lodgings--The chief--His recollections and his house--His sons--S

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