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Adventures in Southern Seas (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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These adventures of one Dirk Hartog–a Dutch navigator of the 16th century–are founded on the narratives of the early explorers in the South seas, from records in the library of Sidney, N.S.W. Strange and thrilling experiences are recounted–though with little distinction in the telling–which will appeal to men and boys.
e morning after my capture by the black cannibals of New Holland, at daybreak, I was driven, out of the gunyah in which I had passed the night, to be looked at by the tribe, who had now collected in great numbers, and who encircled me with a ring of hazel eyes. Their complexion was black, their hair woolly, and many of them were quite naked, as though they lived in a state of brute nature. There did not appear to be anyone in recognized authority among them, for they all talked their outlandish jargon at the same time, and, presently, they began to search me for such small articles of personal property as I possessed. My engraving tools and a sailor's sewing kit, given me by Anna, were taken from me, but to my great good fortune they did not rob me of my dagger-knife, or my flint and steel which lay concealed in the inner pocket of my leathern belt, nor of a lock of Anna's hair which I carried in a silken bag round my neck; and in the possession of which I found much comfort in my present predicament. My clot

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