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Around the World in Ten Days (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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In 1920 the idea of going around the world in ten days was as preposterous as that projected by Jules Verne in 1873 when he wrote Around the World in Eighty Days. But time has a way of hurling ridicule back as effectively as a boomerang. For we have seen and marvelled at the shattering not only of the mythical eighty-day record but even the ten-day record, as progress wends its ceaseless, ambitious, difficult and almost fantastic way through the years.
of all flying divisions except the main line between New York and San Francisco. Only those pilots will be kept. So that's why I am here." "Won't they take you on again soon, John?" asked Mrs. Ross. "I fear not, mother," replied her elder son, shaking his head soberly. "Our field-superintendent did say that he would give me the first opening in the transcontinental line, since my records lead the bunch, and he even offered to displace one of the boys on that route and put me in his place, but--" "But you refused," interrupted Paul, with conclusive pride in his big brother. John grinned. "Well, put it that way if you like, Buddy," said he; "anyhow, as I said before, here I am. Some chap may quit or 'go West'--you know a round dozen of the poor chaps have been killed in the last year--and that may let me back in again. But I won't wait for it; I'll get after some of the commercial flying companies next week and see if I can't land a berth with them. I simply can't think of working o

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