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By Reef and Palm (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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Every one who has a taste for good stories will feel the force of these. Every one who knows the South Seas, and many who do not, will feel that they have the unmistakable stamp of truth.Challis the Doubter “‘Tis in the Blood” The Revenge of Macy O’shea The Rangers of Tia Kau Pallou’s Taloi A Basket of Bread-Fruit Enderby’s Courtship Long Charley’s Good Little Wife The Methodical Mr Burr of Majuru A Truly Great Man The Doctor’s Wife The Fate of the Alida The Chilian Bluejacket Brantley of Vahitahi
ing very tragic will occur, I suppose?" "No," said Challis grimly, "something damned prosaic--common enough among men with pretty wives--I'll clear out." "I wish you would do that now," said his wife, "I hate you quite enough." Of course she didn't quite mean it. She really liked Challis in her own small-souled way--principally because his money had given her the social pleasures denied her during her girlhood. With an unmoved face and without farewell he left her and went to his lawyer's. A quarter of an hour later he arose to go, and the lawyer asked him when he intended returning. "That all depends upon her. If she wants me back again, she can write, through you, and I'll come--if she has conducted herself with a reasonable amount of propriety for such a pretty woman." Then, with an ugly look on his face, Challis went out; next day he embarked in the LADY ALICIA for a six months' cruise among the islands of the North-west Pacific. * * * * * That was f

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