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Captain Gardiner of the International Police (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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Plot, intrigue and diplomacy between the eastern and western civilized worlds toward the end of the present century giving a picture of the next great world struggle between the East and West.Professor William Lyon Phelps of Yale University writes: –“‘Captain Gardiner’ is a rattling good story full of movement. It is ingenious and well planned and ‘Mabs’ is a real woman. Please give my hearty congratulations to the author.”
Confederation, and Russia, recommending for our consideration and report this important matter." He paused for an instant as if considering what his next words were to be, and several of the Commissioners shifted uneasily in their chairs. "It is known to you all," resumed the President, "that we have no power to enforce our decisions upon the nations. We can only deliberate upon the matters brought to our attention and recommend a certain course of action resulting from these deliberations. It is also known to you that in no recorded instance have the nations which we represent failed to accept our recommendations." A little ripple of excitement was plainly evident among the Commissioners. Feet moved upon the floor and glances were exchanged, for since the early days of the Commission no presiding officer had ever spoken thus. The President's words seemed to heighten the gravity of the event and increase the tremendous burden of responsibility, which each man felt upon him, thirty fold. But the Presid

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