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Daughter of the Night (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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The evil magic of the Goddess Diana turned men to stone. Would the power of the strange Eos be strong enough to turn them back to living men?
ou had better worry about that, Druga! What do you suppose could have happened to them?" CHAPTER II Eos led him into a great feasting chamber, and Druga saw there a great host of men sitting, as to a feast, side by side. Each one of them was of solid black stone. The fact struck Druga's mind with a terrible impact. With a face like thunder he said: "So it was you who turned my Feronia to stone, to drag me here to you by your spells, and then when you tire of me to turn me likewise into stone?" The woman recoiled from his murderous rage, crying out in a shocked voice, a voice of virtue unjustly accused: "Surely you don't think that I had anything to do with this? These men are the curse an enemy has put upon me; and every creature that I ever loved she has turned into stone soon or late and left me here alone forever. There is no cruelty like the cruelty of Diana Triformis." The rage passed slowly from Druga, and left

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