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Guilt of the Brass Thieves (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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Mr. Gandiss and his son, Jack, ask Mr. Parker to help them stop the theft of brass from their airplane factory. While Jack and Penny visit the factory, a piece of brass is found in the possession of Sally Barker, and she is fired. Sally maintains that she has no idea how the brass came to be in her locker, and Penny believes her. With Jack and Sally’s help, Penny attempts to bring the real thieves to justice
father and I are to be guests at the Gandiss home," Penny explained, volunteering their names. "We were on our way to Shadow Island when we ran out of gas." "Let's not go into all the gory details here," Jack broke in. "We're getting wet." "You mean you are all wet," corrected Sally, grinning. "Sally, take our guests to the cabin," Captain Barker instructed with high good humor. "I'll handle the wheel. We're late on our run now." "How about dropping us off at the island?" Jack inquired. "If we had some gasoline--" "We'll take care of you on the return trip," the captain promised. "No time now. We have a hundred passengers to unload at Osage." Penny followed Sally along the wet deck to a companionway and down the stairs to the private quarters of the captain and his daughter. "Osage is a town across the river," Sally explained briefly. "Pop and I make the run every hour. This is our last trip today, thank Jupiter!" The cabin was warm and cozy, t

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