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In the King’s Name (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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“The best of all Mr. Fenn’s productions in this field. It has the great quality of always ‘moving on,’ adventure following adventure in constant succession.”–Daily News.
er was thrown up at intervals as the shot ricochetted, making ducks and drakes right across the bows of the lugger. "Curse his impudence!" cried the lieutenant, as the men busily sponged out and began to reload Long Tom; for the lugger paid not the slightest heed to the summons, but sailed away. "Give her another--closer this time," cried the lieutenant; and once more the gun uttered its deep-mouthed roar, and the shot went skipping along the smooth surface of the sea, this time splashing the water a few yards only ahead of the lugger. "I think that will bring him to his senses," cried the lieutenant, using his glass. If the lowering of first one and then another sail meant bringing the lugger to its senses, the lieutenant was right, for first one ruddy brown spread of canvas sank with its spar into the lugger, and then another and another, the long low vessel lying passive upon the water, and in due time the cutter was steered close up, her sails flapped, and her boat which had be

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