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Penny Nichols and the Mystery of the Lost Key (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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Penny’s generosity and unbounded friendliness earn her an instant friend in Rosanna Winters, a young lady in need of advice. Rosanna has inherited the property of her late uncle, Jacob Winters, and must inspect the estate at her earliest convenience. Penny suspects that Rosanna may be the victim of a hoax, but agrees to accompany Rosanna to the Winters home. Upon arrival the girls discover two additional claimants to the estate, each with a letter from Mr. Winters’ lawyer! Most troubling, Rosanna’s letter has disappeared, leaving her no claim…
rst," Rosanna admitted unwillingly. "Of course, I do have an uncle named Jacob Winters--my mother often spoke of him. He was always considered queer." "It may be all right. No doubt you have inherited a fortune. Only I think I'd be a trifle cautious until I was certain it wasn't a hoax." "But what can I do except to obey the letter and visit the property?" Penny glanced again at the letterhead. "Why not visit this lawyer and have a talk with him? Brookport isn't far from here and it might save you a trip to Raven Ridge." "Can I reach Brookport by train or bus?" "I'm afraid not," Penny said. "It's off the main line of travel. You haven't a car of your own or one you could borrow?" "No." "I'll take you to Brookport if you like," Penny offered generously. "We might go tomorrow." "Oh, I shouldn't like to trouble you, Miss Nichols. I can probably rent a car." "There's no need of it for I would enjoy the ride. Besides, I am curious to learn if there is

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