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Pieces of Eight (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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A polite treasure hunt which, compared to Stevenson’s handling of the same plot lacks the thrills of real buccaneering, but which is romantic and beautifully descriptive of the tropic Bahamas.
es that they have something like a quarter of a million dollars buried in tin cans among the brush over there now--" "It is their form of stocking," put in Charlie Webster. "Precisely. Well, as I was saying, those old fellows would bury their hoards in some cave or other, and then go off--and get hanged. Their ghosts perhaps came back. The darkies have lots of ghost-tales about them. But their money is still here, lots of it, you bet your life." "Do they ever make any finds?" I asked. "Nothing big that I know of. A jug full of old coins now and then. I found one a year or two ago in my garden here--buried down among the roots of that old fig tree." "Then," put in Charlie, "there was that mysterious stranger over at North Cay. He's supposed to have got away with quite a pile." "Tell me about him," said I. "Well, there used to be an old eccentric character in the town here--a half-breed by the name of Andrews. John will remember him--" John nodded.

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