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The Admirable Lady Biddy Fane (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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Frank Barrett’s most ambitious, most sensational, and most successful work. He has always had a hankering after the water of historical romance. Here he seems to have definitely taken the plunge. It is obvious also that he may, if he chooses, take a very high place, in the school β€” not of Thackeray or of Mr. Besant, or even of Scott, but of Charles Kingsley.
th any ten men of our crew, and such a man a crew needs for master. We want no puppets, but men who can fight and suffer with stiff lips." Then he dropped back into the shadow again. I was grateful to this man. Hope--that so long had lain dead within me--sprang up to life, and an eager desire for wild adventure seized upon me. And at that moment the door at the end of the room over against the head of the table opened, and Lady Biddy Fane came into the room; then my imagination, already kindled, blazed up with a mad conception of winning untold gold, glory, and honor--all to lay at her feet, with the possibility that she might accept them and me. But, lord! there was little in her aspect to encourage such a hope, as she stood there erect and scornful, her pretty brows bent in angry scorn as she looked on me, tapping her silk skirt impatiently with her riding-whip. But this did not daunt my spirit, for I knew how sweet those brows were when they unbent, and that her dainty hand was more apt to ca

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