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The Bail Jumper (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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An exciting story of love and trouble with the law. It takes place on the Canadian praire.
hat if they did not give city dances the place of prominence it was through choice, not ignorance. Among the ladies was one whom Burton knew to be the guest of honour, even before he was told; a young woman his own age, or older, dressed in a creamy white, with a single real rose in her hair. Her dark, full eye-lashes, the finely shaped nose and ears, the firm but sympathetic mouth, electrically responsive to every wave of emotion of her alert brain, were not lost upon the country youth. There were many graceful dancers, many radiant, happy-faced girls, but hers was a grace distinct from theirs and a happiness more subtle, more delightful, more pervading. The little tricks of speech which distinguish between the intelligent and the well-educated; the little delicate courtesies which distinguish between the well-meaning and the well-bred; the inborn and self-effacing refinement which is the touchstone of true culture--these were evidenced in every word, every motion, every gesture. Burton forgot about d

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