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The Bradys and the Girl Smuggler (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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work very nicely with amateurs. But it would not go with a professional smuggler by any means." "I quite agree with you," assented Harry. "Well," said the Collector, "I'm quite satisfied with your performance, Mr. Brady, and am convinced that you are the very men to run down the big smuggler I am so anxious to see arrested." "We'll do our best," said Old King Brady. The Collector and the inspectors then went away. As they were leaving the pier, the quick, keen eyes of Harry observed a young girl on the steamer acting in a mysterious manner. She was standing in the gangway, peering out one of the port holes and sharply watching the departing officials. Every time one of them chanced to glance back, she suddenly dodged down behind the bulwark out of sight. She was a beautiful girl of about sixteen, handsomely clad in a short dress and zouave waist of fine silk, while a stylish big Gainsborough hat with black ostrich plumes crowned her short, yellow, curly hair. Her skin was as white a

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