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The Bradys Beyond Their Depth (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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we'll have the satisfaction of arresting Gloom for shooting you." "The man lied outrageously to you, in order to fool you," said Harry. "So there isn't much reliance to be placed on anything he said, till we prove it." "Let's see his business card," said the old detective, "now that I've got a light." He drew the pasteboard from his pocket and glanced at it. To his surprise he found that it really was the business card of one Solomon Gloom, undertaker, of Seventh avenue. "This seems to be all right," he remarked. "How about the permit from the Health Department?" Old King Brady drew the paper from his pocket and glanced at it keenly. Once more he was surprised to discover that it was a genuine printed form stating that Mr. Gloom was permitted to remove the corpse of Albert Reid from the Thirty-sixth street house to the Fresh Pond Crematory. The permit added that the broker had died of small-pox. "We can't say he lied about this, either," commented

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