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The Cry at Midnight (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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While out skiing at night, Penny, Louise, and Jerry hear strange sounds coming from a nearby monastery. They discover that a religious cult is living at the monastery. Penny tries to learn more about the cult, but the leader is very secretive. When Penny learns of a missing woman who is interested in cults, she becomes convinced that there is a connection. Penny masquerades as one of the cult members and learns the secret of the strange cult.
ecomes disturbed in her mind." "This isn't a mental institution?" gasped Penny, regretting that her curiosity ever had taken her inside the grounds. "No, my child," responded the monk. "Winkey should have explained. We have opened up the old monastery for the purpose of restoring an ancient order in which members dedicate themselves to a life of poverty, good will, and charity." "The one you call Old Julia--she also is a member?" The monk sighed deeply. "Old Julia is only an unfortunate whose twisted mind never can be healed by doctors. Because she had no home--no friends, I have taken her beneath my roof." "I see," nodded Penny. "I'm very sorry to have troubled you." "A natural mistake, my child. Is there anything else you wish to know? We have no secrets here--only serene faith and hope for a better world." "I might inquire your name." "Members of my flock call me Father Benedict. My baptismal name is Jay Highland. And yours?" "Penny Parker. My

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