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The Dealings of Captain Sharkey (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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Tales of PiratesI Captain Sharkey: How the Governor of Saint Kitt’s Came HomeII The Dealings of Captain Sharkey with Stephen CraddockIII The Blighting of SharkeyIV How Copley Banks Slew Captain SharkeyV The “Slapping Sal”VI A Pirate of the Land (One Crowded Hour)Tales of Blue WaterVII The Striped ChestVIII The Captain of the “Polestar”IX The Fiend of the CooperageX Jelland’s VoyageXI J. Habakuk Jephson’s StatementXII That Little Square Box
Governor in his Ramillies wig, his glasses, and his powdering-gown still seated sedately at the lonely table with his reeking pipe and six black bottles by his side. "I have drunk with the Governor of St. Kitt's when he was sick," said he, "and God forbid that I should ever try to keep pace with him when he is well." The voyage of the Morning Star was a successful one, and in about three weeks she was at the mouth of the British Channel. From the first day the infirm Governor had begun to recover his strength, and before they were half-way across the Atlantic he was, save only for his eyes, as well as any man upon the ship. Those who uphold the nourishing qualities of wine might point to him in triumph, for never a night passed that he did not repeat the performance of his first one. And yet he would be out upon deck in the early morning as fresh and brisk as the best of them, peering about with his weak eyes, and asking questions about the sails and the rigging, for he was anxious to l

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