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The Furnace of Gold (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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An accurate and informing portrayal of scenes, types, and conditions of the mining districts in modern Nevada. The book is an out-door story, clean, exciting, exemplifying nobility and courage of character, and bravery, and heroism in the sort of men and women we all admire and wish to know.
not been ordered on your way, but now I've changed my mind. Don't talk any more--get into your car and hike!" The gleam in his eye achieved two results: It cowed the last vestige of bravado in Bostwick's composition and ignited all the hatred of his nature. He hesitated for a moment, his lips parting sidewise as if for a speech of defiance which his moral courage refused to indorse. Then, not daring to refuse the horseman's command, he climbed aboard the car, the motor of which had never ceased its purring. "You'll pay for this!" he repeated. The girl, now pale again and tremendously disturbed, was regarding Bostwick with a new, cold light in her eyes--a light that verged upon contempt. She had never seen this lack of courageous spirit in the man before. "But, Searle! You're not going--you're not really going, like this?" It was the horseman who replied. "You see, his time is precious. Also in his present state of mind he is certainly unfit company for--well, for Dave, here, a man who

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