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The Gorilla Hunters (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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A tale of hunting adventure in Africa.
h we knew that six years must have made an immense difference in his personal appearance--for he was not much more than eighteen when we last parted-- we could not think of him except as a hearty, strapping sailor-boy. We planned, too, how we would meet him at the coach; how we would stand aside in the crowd until he began to look about for us in surprise, and then one of us would step forward and ask if he wished to be directed to any particular part of the town, and so lead him on and talk to him as a stranger for some time before revealing who we were. And much more to the same effect. But when next day came our plans and our conceptions were utterly upset. A little before two we sauntered down to the coach-office, and waited impatiently for nearly twenty minutes. Of course the coach was late; it always is on such occasions. "Suppose he does not come," said I. "What a fellow you are," cried Peterkin, "to make uncomfortable suppositions! Let us rather suppose that he does come."

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