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The Hunted Woman (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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A tale of a great fight in the “valley of gold” for a woman.
t was not the usual giggling, the usual exchange of badinage and coarse jest beyond the closed curtains. Quade did not come out rubbing his huge hands, his face crinkling with a sort of exultant satisfaction. The girl preceded him. She flung the curtains aside and stood there for a moment, her face flaming like fire, her blue eyes filled with the flash of lightning. She came down the single step. Quade followed her. He put out a hand. "Don't take offence, girly," he expostulated. "Look here--ain't it reasonable to s'pose----" He got no farther. The man in the door had advanced, placing himself at the girl's side. His voice was low and unexcited. "You have made a mistake?" he said. She took him in at a glance--his clean-cut, strangely attractive face, his slim build, the clear and steady gray of his eyes. "Yes, I have made a mistake--a terrible mistake!" "I tell you it ain't fair to take offence," Quade went on. "Now, look here----" In his hand was a roll of bil

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