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The Man from Archangel (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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Tales of Adventure  Début of Bimbashi Joyce  The Surgeon of Gaster Fell  Borrowed Scenes  The Man from Archangel  The Great Brown-Pericord Motor  The Sealed Room  Tales of Medical Life  A Physiologist’s Wife  Behind The Times  His First Operation  The Third Generation  The Curse of Eve  A Medical Document  The Surgeon Talks  The Doctors of Hoyland  Crabbe’s Practice
"I understand, Captain Joyce," said the General, "that you have allowed a very important prisoner to slip through your fingers." "I am sorry, sir." "No doubt. But that will not mend matters. Did you ascertain anything about him before you lost him?" "No, sir." "How was that?" "I could get nothing out of him, sir." "Did you try?" "Yes, sir; I did what I could." "What did you do?" "Well, sir, I threatened to use physical force." "What did he say?" "He said nothing." "What was he like?" "A tall man, sir. Rather a desperate character, I should think." "Any way by which we could identify him?" "A long black beard, sir. Grey eyes. And a nervous way of twitching his face." "Well, Captain Joyce," said the General, in his stern, inflexible voice, "I cannot congratulate you upon your first exploit in the Egyptian army. You are aware that every English officer in this force is a picked man. I have the whole

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