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The Merriweather Girls in Quest of Treasure (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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The Merriweather Girls, Bet, Shirley, Joy and Kit are four fun-loving chums, who think up something exciting to do every minute. The romantic old Merriweather Manor is where their most thrilling adventures occur. The author has given us four exceptional titles in this series — absorbing mysteries and their solutions, school life, horseback riding, tennis, and adventures during their school vacations. Every red-blooded, up-and-going girl is going to love these books.
o surrounded her at the table. "Isn't this wonderful!" cried Bet in her enthusiastic way, waving her hand toward the passing landscape. "I could keep on like this forever." "So could I," laughed Joy. "But when do we get to Washington?" "Not until four o'clock! Why all the hurry?" Shirley was enjoying her day of travel. When the train stopped at stations she was all ready with her camera in case some interesting bit presented itself. Shirley was in her glory. Colonel Baxter's parting gift to her had been a new camera and plenty of films, so Shirley felt that she could take pictures to her heart's content. "We've got a good cook," whispered Joy across the table to her hostess. "I don't know what he calls this mixture, but it's wonderful!" Joy's face was expressive and Sam noticed her approval of his lunch so during the remainder of the trip it was to Joy he turned if he wanted to make sure that any dish was appreciated. And while the girls did not find the time dragging, they

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