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The Mysterious Three (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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“A remarkable story, crowded with the most exciting situations, and bristling with crimes which only the brain of a most versatile author could conceive.”
to people I come across and like, and whom the world seems to treat unjustly. My father, Richard Ashton, was Colonel in the Blues. I was his only child, for my mother died in bringing me into the world to live at ease and waste my time. When my father died I found myself heir to a small property in Rutland, which I promptly let, and One Hundred and Eighty Thousand pounds safely invested--mostly in Consols. Sport in general, especially hunting and shooting, also reading, constitute my favourite forms of recreation. Generally I live in London, where I have a flat in King Street, St. James's. I don't remember what made me do it, but while lunching at the Stag's Head I decided that I would take the car out to Houghton Park again. I think I was curious to see if any fresh development had taken place there. Nobody answered my repeated rings at the front door, so I went round to the back. The door was locked. I rang, and rang again, and knocked. But nobody came. I walked right round the

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