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The Outdoor Girls in a Motor Car (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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One of the girls has learned to run a big motor car, and she invites the club to go on a tour with her, to visit some distant relatives. On the way they stop at a deserted mansion, said to be haunted and make a most surprising discovery.
Instinctively Mollie jammed on the brake, and threw out the clutch, the next instant shutting off the power, but so suddenly did she stop in the excess of her zeal that Grace and Amy were thrown from their seats, and Betty had to put out her hands to avoid hitting the wind shield. CHAPTER II A STRANGE GIRL Mollie was the first to recover herself. Her position at the steering wheel had given her an advantage, in that she had something to hold to, and so was not tossed about as were her chums when the auto came to such a sudden stop. "Oh, dear!" Mollie exclaimed, ruefully. "Are any of you hurt?" She gazed back at Grace and Amy, having assured herself by a look at Betty beside her that the latter bore at least no visible injuries. "I bumped my elbow--on the funny bone," said Grace. "This is far from being funny," went on Mollie, half hysterical now. "Stop it!" commanded Betty, getting contro

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