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The Prince of India, vol 2 (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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A glowing romance of the Byzantine Empire, showing, with vivid imagination, the possible forces behind the internal decay of the Empire that hastened the fall of Constantinople.The foreground figure is the person known to all as the Wandering Jew, at this time appearing as the Prince of India, with vast stores of wealth, and is supposed to have instigated many wars and fomented the Crusades.Mohammed’s love for the Princess Irene is beautifully wrought into the story, and the book as a whole is a marvelous work both historically and romantically.
Womanlike the Princess signalized her triumph with tears. At length she asked: "Wouldst thou like to know if I am indeed a heretic?" "Yes, for what thou art, that am I; and then"-- "The same fire in the Hippodrome may light us both out of the world." There was a ring of prophecy in the words. "God forbid!" he ejaculated, with a shiver. "God's will be done, were better! ... So, if it please you," she went on, "tell me all the Hegumen told you about me." "Everything?" he asked doubtfully. "Why not?" "Part of it is too wicked for repetition." "Yet it was an accusation." "Yes." "Sergius, you are no match in cunning for my enemies. They are Greeks trained to diplomacy; you are"--she paused and half smiled--"only a pupil of Hilarion's. See now--if they mean to kill me, how important to invent a tale which shall rob me of sympathy, and reconcile the public to my sacrifice. They who do much good, and no harm"--she cast a glance at the peo

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