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The Radio Boys in the Thousand Islands (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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Canadian college student trying to put over a college prank. I am on his trail to prevent him. We have a wager up; if he induces anybody to go to his rescue, I lose." "That is not true," interposed the sender of the SOS. "What is your call?" Cub inquired. "Yes, give it to him, and tell him what college I am from," proposed the "fellow on the island". "One of the conditions of our wager is that I must not reveal my identity," returned the anonymous amateur. "He's bound by like terms. He does not dare give you his name and address." "That fellow is insane or a villain," declared "Crusoe". "I do not know who he is, but if I starve to death, he'll be a wanton murderer. My name is Raymond Flood. I am not a college student. I am a high school student at Kingston." "Is his name Raymond Flood?" was Cub's next query intended for the anonymous amateur. "No," was the latter's reply. "What is it?" "Under terms of our wager, I must not reveal his name and he m

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