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The Ranch Girls at Home Again (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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The fifth book out of the nine novels that cover the adventures of The Ranch Girls. Margaret Vandercook is also the author of the series The Camp Fire Girls and The Girl Scouts.
outh, plenty of money and an adoring family? What else was there to wish for? Thus far she had never taken any of her mild love affairs with the least seriousness and had no idea of "settling down," as she expressed it, for at least ten years to come. So what was there for Frieda to do but each day to grow fairer and more charming, like a lovely wax doll that had come to life and taken upon itself the airs and graces of a really grown-up person. Because Jack objected, Frieda some time ago had given up her former fashion of wearing her heavy yellow hair in a Psyche knot, and in these months at the ranch when no strangers were about had returned to her old childish custom of two long braids. On dress occasions, however, her coiffure, copied after a Paris model, could again be made bewilderingly lovely. On this particular occasion Frieda had unfortunately neglected to attire herself for the role which she was about to play, as she happened to be wearing an old blue and white middy blouse and a short duck

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