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The Ranger Boys and the Border Smugglers (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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The adventures of three boys with the Forest Rangers in the state of Maine.
ued his eye to the keyhole. By the flaring light of a couple of candles stuck into bottles, he could make out the still form of a man on a cot. The room was considerably torn up, as though a search for something had been made. Then a man crossed his line of vision and shook up the form on the cot. The sleeping, or unconscious man, made no move, and the other disappeared for a moment and then returned, bearing a small pail containing water which he proceeded to splash vigorously on the face of the recumbent man. Presently this had its desired effect for the form stirred, and in a voice hardly above a whisper the man began to speak. Phil could not distinguish the words, but the other spoke loudly, and Phil heard him say: "Now listen here. You come through with that map, or I'll leave you here to be carried out feet first!" The old man feebly protested and Phil was about to whistle for help when he saw the assailant rip away the old man's shirt and disclose a cloth bag.

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