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The Rover Boys in Southern Waters (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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In the present tale the scene is shifted to the lower Mississippi and then the Gulf of Mexico. As before, Sam, Tom, and Dick are introduced, along with a number of their friends, and all have a variety of adventures and not a little fun. While on the Gulf the boys discover a deserted steam yacht, board the craft, and try to ascertain who is the owner, and this leads to a mystery which I leave the pages that follow to unfold.
s missing," said Sam. "They'll have to stay in town, or go back to that sugar plantation, until we learn about the craft." It was decided that Sam should join the other crowd and acquaint them with the news. He found them at one of the stores, where Mrs. Stanhope was buying some embroidery silk. "Have you got tired of waiting for us, Sam?" asked Grace Laning, who was the first to see the youngest Rover. "Oh, I've got bad news, Grace." And then he told the girl of what had occurred, in the midst of which the others came up. "Missing again!" ejaculated Songbird Powell. "Too bad! What's to be done?" "We don't know yet." The ladies were much alarmed and so were the girls. Sam did what he could to quiet their fears, yet he felt unhappy himself. "I did not like the looks of that planter at all," declared Dora Stanhope. "He had the face of a sneak. I was going to speak to Dick about it, and I am sorry now that I didn't." "I presume we shall have to remain here

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