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The Strange Adventures of Bromley Barnes (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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In this new book Mr. Barton sets forth in absorbing fashion the strange adventures of a retired detective whose interest in the solution of baffling cases in public and private life is just as keen as in his days of active Government service. Worried and harassed Government officials, also perplexed and anxious private individuals, seek the services of the astute detective in national problems and personal matters, and just how the suave and diplomatic Barnes clears away mysteries makes a story that is mighty good reading.
Senator Hance consulted his watch. "Come on, Brewster," he said, "it's Friday morning." "When was the treaty to be signed?" asked Barnes of the Secretary. "At ten o'clock Saturday morning." The detective made a hasty calculation. "That's thirty-four hours from now. You may go ahead with the business, and I'll undertake to recover your thirteenth copy of the treaty before that time." "And before any outsider has a chance to see it." "Well, I'll do the best I can, and meanwhile it's understood that I'm to have the use of any of the Secret Service men I need?" "Certainly. You understand why I do not want to use the ordinary facilities of the Government. The President does not know of this yet. I don't want to trouble him if I can help it. He has worries enough." Five minutes later the Secretary and the Senator were seated in the plum-colored car, speeding down the asphalted incline, and Barnes and Clancy stood facing one another in the cozy apartment

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