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The Trials of the Core (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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The system of Gladonus is unlike any other.

It is home to Creatures of Legend, all-powerful gods and goddesses, lost Ancients, reclusive First Bloods, and the Guardian of the Core. All life flows in and out of the system. Should it cease, the universe ceases to exist as well. That is why it is the Guardian’s duty to protect the system at all costs. However, his time is coming to a close and he needs to hold Trials to select his next apprentice.

A haughty, yet competent prince, Hydro Paen, longs to seize the Power of the Guardian and show to everyone who has doubted him that he is worthy of his lineage.

Under the guidance of his uncle, orphan Eirek Mourse participates, hoping only to survive such Trials and having no idea how he was even accepted in the first place.

And a tactician, Zain Berrese, always living in the shadow of his stepbrother’s accomplishments, wants to prove that he is capable of overcoming his haunted past and excelling further than his rivals.

None of these participants, however, know that the Trials will pit them against others who are just as conniving, talented, and motivated to win. None of them know that the Trials will test them in ways unimaginable. And none of them know that, by participating, it might mean the rendering of their identity and the forfeiting of their lives.

With their lives and identities on the line, will one of these would-be heroes find the inner strength and wisdom to emerge a champion and impress the Guardian before the system collapses?

A perfect sci-fantasy story for those who love Game of Thrones, Hunger Games, and Eragon. Buy today and experience the Trials for yourself!

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