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The World’s Desire (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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The story of the hero Odysseus after his untold second journey. Returning to his home, Ithaca, the region ravaged by a plague, his wife Penelope seemingly slain, Odysseus begins his final quest.
grew clear, strong, angry and triumphant. In his ears and to his heart it seemed that the wordless chant rang thus: Keen and low Doth the arrow sing The Song of the Bow, The sound of the string. The shafts cry shrill: Let us forth again, Let us feed our fill On the flesh of men. Greedy and fleet Do we fly from far, Like the birds that meet For the feast of war, Till the air of fight With our wings be stirred, As it whirrs from the flight Of the ravening bird. Like the flakes that drift On the snow-wind's breath, Many and swift, And winged for death-- Greedy and fleet, Do we speed from far, Like the birds that meet On the bridge of war. Fleet as ghosts that wail, When the dart strikes true, Do the swift shafts hail, Till they drink warm dew. Keen and low Do the grey shafts sing The Song of the Bow, The sound of the string. This was the message of Death, and this was the first sound that had broken the stillness of his home. At the welcome of this music which spoke to his heart--this music

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