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The Young Colonists (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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As a rule the minor wars in which this country has been from time to time engaged, have been remarkable both for the admirable way in which they were conducted and for the success that attended them. The two campaigns in South Africa, however, that followed each other with but a brief interval, were notable exceptions. In the Zulu War the blunder, made by the General in command, of dividing his army and marching away with the greater portion without troubling himself to keep up communication with the force left behind, brought about a serious disaster at Isandula. In the Boer War we also suffered two defeats,โ€”one at Laingโ€™s Neck, the other at Majuba Hill,โ€”and when at last a British force was assembled capable of retrieving these misfortunes, the English government decided not to fight, but to leave the Boers in possession of the Transvaal. This unfortunate surrender has, assuredly, brought about the troubled state of things now existing in South Africa.
ay three feet deep in the fields, and there was no saying how deep the drifts might be in the hollows. For the first two days the wind had tried its best to keep the hills clear, but it had tired of the work, and for the last two had ceased to blow, and the great feathered flakes formed steadily and silently. Tom was the first to wake. "Holloa!" he exclaimed, "where are we? Oh! I remember. Dick, are you awake?" "Yes, I am awake now," Dick said. "What is it? It is not morning yet. I seem to have been asleep a long time, and don't my bones just ache? Jimmy, old boy, are you all right?" "Yes," Jimmy grunted. "It is quite warm," Dick said. "It feels very close, and how still it is! The wind has quite gone down. Do you know, Tom, I think it must be morning. There seems a faint sort of light. I can see the stones in the wall behind you." "So it must," Tom assented. "Oh! how stifling it is!" and he raised himself into a sitting position. "I am afraid we are buried dee

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