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Under Wellington’s Command (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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The tale of Terrance O’Connor, son of a senior captain, who joined Sir Aurther Wellesley’s expedition to Portugal. A young man notorious for his mischievous pranks, Terrance’s quick witted suggestion saves the outgoing transport from attack by French privateers, and he is selected as an aides-de-camp to the General. A sequel to With Moore at Corunna.
n and the Tagus to the south, and Bejar to the north. He will ascertain, as far as possible, the position and movements of the French army under Victor. He will send a daily report of his observations to headquarters. Twenty Portuguese cavalry, under a subaltern, will be attached to his command, and will furnish orderlies to carry his reports. "It is desirable that Colonel O'Connor's troops should not come in contact with the enemy, except to check any reconnoitring parties moving towards Castello Branco and Villa Velha. It is most necessary to prevent the news of an advance of the army in that direction reaching the enemy, and to give the earliest possible information of any hostile gathering that might menace the flank of the army, while on its march. "The passes of Banos and Periles will be held by the troops of Marshal Beresford and General Del Parque, and it is to the country between the mountains and Marshal Cuesta's force, at Almaraz, that Colonel O'Connor is directed to concentrate his a

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