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Viking Tales (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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The baby — The tooth thrall — Olaf’s farm — Olaf’s fight with Havard — Foes’-fear — Harald is king — Harald’s battle — Gyda’s saucy message — The sea fight — King Harald’s wedding — King Harald goes west-over-seas — Homes in Iceland — Eric the Red — Leif and his new land — Wineland the good.
mouth and forked tongue thrust out. I painted the eyes red for anger. "'There, stand so!' I said, 'and glare and hiss at my foes.' "In the stern I curved the tail up almost as high as the head. There I put the pilot's seat and a strong tiller for the rudder. On the breast and sides I carved the dragon's scales. Then I painted it all black and on the tip of every scale I put gold. I called her 'Waverunner.' There she sat on the rollers, as fair a ship as I ever saw. "The night that it was finished I went to my father's feast. After the meats were eaten and the mead-horns came round, I stood up from my bench and raised my drinking-horn[3] high and spoke with a great voice: "'This is my vow: I will sail to Norway and I will harry the coast and fill my boat with riches. Then I will get me a farm and will winter in that land. Now who will follow me?' "'He is but a boy,' the men said. 'He has opened his mouth wider than he can do.' "But others jumped to their feet with the

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