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All That Matters (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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A new collection of appealing verse by the Poet that all America reads.
And waits for "something good." And as she hands him spoon and plate I chuckle low and wish That I might be allowed to wait To scrape the frosting dish. PLAY THE GAME When the umpire calls you out, It's no use to stamp and shout, Wildly kicking dust about-- Play the game! And though his decision may End your chances for the day, Rallies often end that way-- Play the game! When the umpire shouts: "Strike two!" And the ball seems wide to you, There is just one thing to do: Play the game! Keep your temper at the plate, Grit your teeth and calmly wait, For the next one may be straight Play the game! When you think the umpire's wrong, Tell him so, but jog along; Nothing's gained by language strong-- Play the game! For his will must be obeyed Wheresoever baseball's played, Take his verdict as it's made-- Play the game! Son of mine, beyond a doubt, Fate shal

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