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Gray Dusk (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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In this story we meet again the unique and human detective, David Carroll. There is a mysterious plot, of course, and the breathless interest of the narrative will please all lovers of a good mystery story.
t was accused of the murder of his wife and bound over to the Grand Jury without bond. Then he had gone back to his cell. Robert Carter had been released, but he hung around the jail like a hounded animal. He seemed as affected by the murder as was his master. Shortly after the inquest had come the reply from David Carroll. Sheriff Potter delivered it personally, and again asked Forrest if he cared to talk. "No, Sheriff," came the dull answer. "I don't. I'm a stranger in a strange land. I'll wait until Carroll gets here. He's a friend to me--and the best detective in the country." "I've heard of him," said Potter. "Even down here." "You've treated me decently. I hope you'll give him as free a hand as you conscientiously can. He's honest--right straight through." "I'll give him the run of the place. In fact as soon as I knew you had sent for him I stationed one of my best deputies at the Furness place with orders to allow no trespassing on any pretext. I'm no sleuth myself, b

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