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Library of the World’s Best Literature, Ancient and Modern, Volume 3 (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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ling to let them use you that way?" Irma, who was somewhat annoyed by her questions, said:-- "I wished to ask you something--Can you write?" "I once could, but I've quite forgotten how." "Then I've just hit it! that's the very reason for my coming here. Now, whenever you wish to write home, you can dictate your letter to me, and I will write whatever you tell me to." "I could have done that too," suggested Mademoiselle Kramer, timidly; "and your Ladyship would not have needed to trouble yourself." "No, the Countess will write for me. Shall it be now?" "Certainly." But Walpurga had to go to the child. While she was in the next room, Countess Irma and Mademoiselle Kramer engaged each other in conversation. When Walpurga returned, she found Irma, pen in hand, and at once began to dictate. Translation of S.A. Stern. THE FIRST FALSE STEP From 'On the Heights' The ball was to be given in the palace and the adjoining winter ga

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