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Noughts and Crosses (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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The Omnibus — Fortunio — The Outlandish Ladies — Statement of Gabriel Foot, Highwayman — The Return of Joanna — Psyche — The Countess of Bellarmine — A Cottage in Troy — Old Aeson — The Affair of Bleakirk-on-Sands — The Constant Post-Boy — A Dark Mirror — The Small People — The Mayor of Gantick — The Doctor’s Foundling — The Gifts of Feodor Himkoff — Yorkshire Dick — The Carol — The Paradise of Choice — Beside the Bee Hives — The Magic Shadow.
". . . in that kingdom shall be no weeping--" "Oh, Parson," interrupted Fortunio, "that's bad. I'm so bored with laughing that the good God might surely allow a few tears." The parish buried him, and his books went to pay for the funeral. But I kept the Virgil; and this, with the few memories that I impart to you, is all that remains to me of Fortunio. THE OUTLANDISH LADIES. A mile beyond the fishing village, as you follow the road that climbs inland towards Tregarrick, the two tall hills to right and left of the coombe diverge to make room for a third, set like a wedge in the throat of the vale. Here the road branches into two, with a sign-post at the angle; and between the sign-post and the grey scarp of the hill there lies an acre of waste ground that the streams have turned into a marsh. This is Loose-heels. Long before I learnt the name's meaning, in the days when I trod the lower road with slate and satchel, this spot was a favourite of mine--but chiefly in July,

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