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The Rose of DixieThe third ingredientThe hiding of Black BillSchools and schoolsThimble, thimbleSupply and demandBuried treasureTo him who waitsHe also servesThe moment of victoryThe head-hunterNo storyThe higher pragmatismBest-sellerRus in urbeA poor rule.
ange from goobers, governors, and Gettysburg. I'll leave the selection of the stuff I brought to fill the space to you, as it's all good. I've got to run back to New York, and I'll be down again in a couple of weeks." Colonel Telfair slowly swung his eye-glasses by their broad, black ribbon. "The space in the January number that I referred to," said he, measuredly, "has been held open purposely, pending a decision that I have not yet made. A short time ago a contribution was submitted to The Rose of Dixie that is one of the most remarkable literary efforts that has ever come under my observation. None but a master mind and talent could have produced it. It would just fill the space that I have reserved for its possible use." Thacker looked anxious. "What kind of stuff is it?" he asked. "Eight thousand words sounds suspicious. The oldest families must have been collaborating. Is there going to be another secession ?" "The author of the article," continued the colonel, ignorin

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