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The Holladay Case (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, FB2, TEXT)

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The story of Miss Frances Holladay begins with a Wall Street mystery, with scenes shifting soon afterward to an ocean steamer, and then to France. This is one of the new and artistic style of detective stories, somewhat in the vein of Conan Doyle. The tale begins with the finding of a New York banker stabbed to death in his office. Suspicion falls on his daughter. A kidnapping and pursuit over seas follow. The story contains a minimum of horror and a maximum of ingenuity.
"What is the position of your desk in Mr. Holladay's office?" he asked. "There is an outer office for the clerks; opening from that, a smaller room where my desk is placed. Opening from my room was Mr. Holladay's private office. "Had Mr. Holladay's office any other door?" "No, sir." "Could entrance be had by the windows?" "The windows open on the street side of the building. We occupy a part of the eighth floor." "The fire-escapes----" "Are at the back of the building--there are none on the street side--nothing but a sheer wall." "So that anyone entering or leaving the private office must necessarily pass by your desk?" "Necessarily; yes, sir." "Could anyone pass without your seeing him?" "No, sir; that would be quite impossible." The coroner leaned back in his chair. There was one point settled. "Now, Mr. Rogers," he said, "will you kindly tell us, in your own way and with as much detail as possible, exactly w

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